I’m thrilled to be part of Starting Blocks 2022 at Camden People’s Theatre! I’ll be developing a work-in-progress of my solo show I’m Sorry I’m Not Lucy Liu (working title) on the excellent artist support scheme. Here’s more from CPT’s website:

The first of the artist support schemes is Starting Blocks which runs from January to March, allowing time for participants to develop works-in-progress to be shown in the Spring SPRINT festival. Over the 10 weeks, Starting Blocks artists meet weekly to share practice, ideas and their developing works. Today, the theatre also announces the 2022 recipients of this scheme. The artists are Meg Hodgson (Moonface), Eden Jun (I’m Sorry I’m Not Lucy Liu), Jonny Khan (Our First Daytimer), Jack Boal (The Children are Leaving), Chris Yarnell (Perpetuity) and Louisa Doyle (Cassiopeia).

Starting Blocks has previously supported Rachel Mars and her hit show The Way You Tell Them, Louise Orwin’s Pretty Ugly, Haley McGee’s The Ex Boyfriend Yard Sale and 2018 Underbelly Untapped Award-winner Queens of Sheba by Nouveau Riche all of which have gone on to national and international tours, critical acclaim and extended runs at CPT and beyond.

I’m really looking forward to working alongside these really talented and original artists:


And Congratulations to CPT for being awarded funding to support more artists!