We Have A Dream Director!

I’m delighted to introduce the director of I’m Sorry I’m Not Lucy Liu, the amazingly multi-skilled Francesca Hsieh! She came onboard after exploring the show’s past and future with me during an R&D week at New Diorama Broadgate in July. (More on process in the next post, once I’ve reflected on the copious collection ofContinue reading “We Have A Dream Director!”

After the WIP

What an exhilarating (and somewhat terrifying) time! I’m so thankful that I got to be a commissioned artist at Camden People’s Theatre, on Starting Blocks 2022. It’s still 2022, right? Phew. I keep dreaming time had sped up after that… What? Oh. It’s almost August. So, obviously the perfect time to post about what happenedContinue reading “After the WIP”

I’m thrilled to be part of Starting Blocks 2022 at Camden People’s Theatre! I’ll be developing a work-in-progress of my solo show I’m Sorry I’m Not Lucy Liu (working title) on the excellent artist support scheme. Here’s more from CPT’s website: The first of the artist support schemes is Starting Blocks which runs from January to March,Continue reading